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Postcard Mailing Services


50 starting at $22.25

50 starting at $22.25

50 starting at $22.25

50 starting at $22.25

50 starting at $22.25

1. Design Your Card
Choose a matching design or 1,000s more.
2. Build a List
Tell us who to send them to, or buy a targeted list.
3. We’ll Mail It for You
Avoid hours of work and get discounted postage.

See how much you’ll save.

Time is money – and you’ll save both with Postcard Mailing services. Enter your mailing preferences below and see how inexpensive it is.
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We get a discounted postage rate because we presort all of our mailings. And those savings are passed right on down to you. Save up to 10%!
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Addressing and Handling Fee: $19.99
Estimated Total: $176.77


Need help with your postcard mailing or a mailing list?

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Did you know that addressing and mailing 250 postcards yourself could take up to 4 hours?
Let us send your mailing for you!
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See what postcard mailing can do for you!
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